Perfect Echo is an interactive audio and visual experience for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Images, Sounds, Music, Action and Animation, all mixed together in an awesome new experience.
Perfect Echo
Perfect Echo
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Perfect Echo
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Perfect Echo is a new interactive audio and visual experience that features Images, Sounds, Music, Action and Animation, all mixed together on your iPhone.

"Perfect Echo: Prologue" is a great, stand-alone episode, and it's free: your first step into the universe of Perfect Echo.

Perfect Echo will get you hooked from the very beginning!

In a far-away future, the city of Elysium stands in a deserted land. Listening to music, as well as other normal activities, have been forbidden to the people living there, in order to limit their thirst for freedom. A group of people bound by destiny will fight to change the rules of this system... 

With the reader,

- You experience sounds and music that fit your hand like a glove, watch great illustrations that have been especially created for excellent readability, with a panel subdivision that perfectly fits your iPhone's screen

- You have control over time: take all the time you want to read, like you would with a comic book, even with all the new multimedia content you'll get.

System: iPhone / iPod touch
Release: 2010
Genre: Science Fiction / Cyberpunk

Can a comic born to be an eBook become a classic of its genre? ...
You be the judge!!

Please let us know what you think about the formula: you're one of the first pioneers to explore this new way of storytelling, and you'll help shape the future of our products.

Feel free to write your comments to: | Perfect Echo | Copyright (C) 2010 Jacopo Rovida | All rights reserved | P.iva 02288860188